- 26th Annual Ralph Stanton Memorial Bass Tournament

Cherokee Lake- Quarryville Boat Ramp (Mooresburg)
May 12, 2018 6:30 AM - 2:00 PM

1st Place $1,000.00
2nd Place $800.00
3rd Place $400.00
4th Place $200.00
Lunker $50.00

Entrance Fee: $50.00 Per Boat, 2 Person Maximum
Flights will be determined by pre-registration location at the 6:00 AM meeting on the tournament day. You may register the day of the tournament on-site, but on-site registration will be the last flight out.
Pre-Registration Locations:
Tom's Sporting Goods- Morristown, TN, Linda's Lakeside Marine, INC.- Bean Station, TN, Surgoinsville Market & Deli- Surgoinsville, TN, & Hawkins County Rescue Squad PO Box 213 Rogersville, TN 37857 (Must be post marked by May 4, 2018 if mailed to HCRS)

For more information contact HCRS at 423-272-2695. You may also contact via Facebook Messenger or email at
100% of ALL the entry fees go to the betterment of Hawkins County Rescue Squad
2019 Tournament Date: Saturday April 27, 2019


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- 25th Annual Bass Tournament Results
1st- Gary Pilkerton & Radar 16lbs
2nd- Gary Gooden & Jamie Gooden 14.11lbs
3rd- Seth Biggs & Kent Biggs 14.4lbs
4th- Dillion Tipton & Aaron Russell 13.0lbs
Lunker- Colby Hurd & Avery Hurd 4.12lbs

5th- Cope Cruz & Smith 12.14lbs
6th- Jeremy Gordon & Phillip Gordon 12.13lbs
7th- Sam Rosenbalm & Mark Trent 12.8lbs
8th- Turner 12.6lbs
9th- Jamie Blanton & Mark Blanton 10.5lbs
10th- Roach & Ray Blackwell 9.9lbs
11th- Zach England & Robert Ussery 9.8lbs
12th- Pat Trent & Colby Trent 8.8lbs
13th- Bible 8.6lbs
14th- Colby Hurd & Avery Hurd 6.16lbs
15th- John Duncan & Ronnie White 5.9lbs
16th- Jeremy Jones & Kenny Cuttrell 4.0lbs
17th- Williams 3.7lbs  

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- 24th Annual Bass Tournament Results

1st- Dakota Percy 19.55lbs.

2nd- Cory Lawson & Casey Leamon 18.00lbs.

3rd- Jamie Goodon & Gary Goodon 16.75lbs.

4th- Travis Anderson &  Cody Burkheart 16.60lbs.

Lunker- Jonathon Carter & Jonathon Leichiter 5.90lbs.

5th- Jonathon Carter & Jonathon Leichiter 15.30lbs.

6th- Sam Rosenbalm & Jimmy Clark 15.15lbs.

7th- Taylor Yates & Bryan Yates 14.40lbs

8th- Randy Brown & Isaac Brown 14.35lbs.

9th- Kenny Cuthrell & Jeremy Jones 14.20lbs.

10th- TJ Gibson & Brandon Gibson 14.14lbs

11th- Aaron McPeek & Sandy Jackson 13.65lbs.

12th- Nevada Smith & Coy Johnson 13.55lbs.

13th- Joseph Zurry & Eddie Samples 13.50lbs.

14th- Hemrlo Salgodo & Jose Salgodo 13.20lbs.

15th- Scott Jarnigan & Hunter Jarnigan 12.75lbs

16th- Josh Dykes & Tonya Dykes 12.70lbs.

17th- Jared Ellis & Jeremiah Carr 12.60lbs.

18th- Steve Cassell & Wes Cassell 12.50lbs.

19th- Justin Thomas & Jon Odom 12.40lbs.

20th- Josh Perrrin & Brandon Harris 12.35lbs.

21st- Justin Taylor & Heath Elkins 12.10lbs.

22nd- Bryan Absher & Donnie Absher 11.85lbs.

23rd- Tyler Hillman & Chris Smith 11.70lbs

24th- Joseph Hogan & Chase Quarles 11.40lbs.

25th- Jason Moorman & Jeff Tolley 11.20 lbs.

26th- Clint Hibler & Darrell Roach 11.05lbs.

27th- Marvin Heatherly & Audie Lester 11.00lbs.

28th- Kevin Grigsby & Brandon Vaughn 10.40lbs.

29th- Anthony Goforth & Dirk Gilliam 9.40lbs.

30th- Spencer Graves & Austin Cope 9.35lbs.

31st- Aaron Russell & Logan Winstead 9.20lbs.

32nd- Eric Burson & Jim 9.10lbs.

33rd- Josh Short 9.05lbs.

34th- Ryan Knight & Randall Couch 9.00lbs.

35th- Marshall Talley & Robert Cooper 7.85lbs.

36th- Jacob Phelps & Howard Phelps 7.70lbs.

37th- Paul Tackett & Fuzz Grimm 7.30lbs.

38th- John Harrell & Randy Morgan 7.10lbs.

39th- Cody Shipley & Caleb Lee 6.65lbs.

40th- Michael Richards & Brad Hensley 6.60lbs.

41st- Johnny Greenlee & Takat Nishio 6.05lbs.

42nd- Randy Berryhill & Jacob Berryhill 5.60lbs.

43rd- Brian Williams 5.55lbs.

44th- Jamie Bledsoe & Jose Garcia 5.10lbs.

44th- Adam Quillin & Buford Quillen 5.10lbs

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