2017 25th Annual Bass Tournament Flyer- FRONT

2017 25th Annual Bass Tournament Flyer-BACK (Entry Form)

(You may open the above PDF files and print the Official Entry From. If you plan on mailing it to the Rescue Squad it MUST be post marked by April 24, 2017. You may bring the completed Entry Form to the Boat Ramp the day of the Tournament but on-site registration will be the last flight out.)

25th Annual Bass Tournament

April 29, 2017

Cherokee Lake- Quarryville Boat Ramp (Mooresburg)

Tournament Hours 6:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Entrance Fee: $50.00 Per Boat, 2 Person Maximum

1st Place $1,000.00

2nd Place $800.00

3rd Place $400.00

4th Place $200.00

Flights will be determined by pre-registration locations at the 6:00 AM meeting on the tournament day. You may register the day of the tournament on-site, but on-site registration will be the last flight out.

Pre-registration locations are:

Tom's Sporting Goods- Morristown

Surgoinsville Market and Deli- Surgoinsville

Hawkins County Rescue Squad @ PO Box 213 Rogersville, TN 37857

(Must be post marked by Monday April 24, 2017)

For more information contact HCRS at 423-272-2695

100% of all the entry fees go to the betterment of the Hawkins County Rescue Squad 


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24th Annual Bass Tournament Results

1st- Dakota Percy 19.55lbs.

2nd- Cory Lawson & Casey Leamon 18.00lbs.

3rd- Jamie Goodon & Gary Goodon 16.75lbs.

4th- Travis Anderson &  Cody Burkheart 16.60lbs.

Big Fish- Jonathon Carter & Jonathon Leichiter 5.90lbs.

5th- Jonathon Carter & Jonathon Leichiter 15.30lbs.

6th- Sam Rosenbalm & Jimmy Clark 15.15lbs.

7th- Taylor Yates & Bryan Yates 14.40lbs

8th- Randy Brown & Isaac Brown 14.35lbs.

9th- Kenny Cuthrell & Jeremy Jones 14.20lbs.

10th- TJ Gibson & Brandon Gibson 14.14lbs

11th- Aaron McPeek & Sandy Jackson 13.65lbs.

12th- Nevada Smith & Coy Johnson 13.55lbs.

13th- Joseph Zurry & Eddie Samples 13.50lbs.

14th- Hemrlo Salgodo & Jose Salgodo 13.20lbs.

15th- Scott Jarnigan & Hunter Jarnigan 12.75lbs

16th- Josh Dykes & Tonya Dykes 12.70lbs.

17th- Jared Ellis & Jeremiah Carr 12.60lbs.

18th- Steve Cassell & Wes Cassell 12.50lbs.

19th- Justin Thomas & Jon Odom 12.40lbs.

20th- Josh Perrrin & Brandon Harris 12.35lbs.

21st- Justin Taylor & Heath Elkins 12.10lbs.

22nd- Bryan Absher & Donnie Absher 11.85lbs.

23rd- Tyler Hillman & Chris Smith 11.70lbs

24th- Joseph Hogan & Chase Quarles 11.40lbs.

25th- Jason Moorman & Jeff Tolley 11.20 lbs.

26th- Clint Hibler & Darrell Roach 11.05lbs.

27th- Marvin Heatherly & Audie Lester 11.00lbs.

28th- Kevin Grigsby & Brandon Vaughn 10.40lbs.

29th- Anthony Goforth & Dirk Gilliam 9.40lbs.

30th- Spencer Graves & Austin Cope 9.35lbs.

31st- Aaron Russell & Logan Winstead 9.20lbs.

32nd- Eric Burson & Jim 9.10lbs.

33rd- Josh Short 9.05lbs.

34th- Ryan Knight & Randall Couch 9.00lbs.

35th- Marshall Talley & Robert Cooper 7.85lbs.

36th- Jacob Phelps & Howard Phelps 7.70lbs.

37th- Paul Tackett & Fuzz Grimm 7.30lbs.

38th- John Harrell & Randy Morgan 7.10lbs.

39th- Cody Shipley & Caleb Lee 6.65lbs.

40th- Michael Richards & Brad Hensley 6.60lbs.

41st- Johnny Greenlee & Takat Nishio 6.05lbs.

42nd- Randy Berryhill & Jacob Berryhill 5.60lbs.

43rd- Brian Williams 5.55lbs.

44th- Jamie Bledsoe & Jose Garcia 5.10lbs.

44th- Adam Quillin & Buford Quillen 5.10lbs

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